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"The art of theatrical storytelling is necessarily relative to the audience to whom the story is being told."  William Archer


Welcome to! I am Don Miller: Actor, Director, Storyteller, Spoken-Word Artist, Poet, Drama Coach, & Educator. Compassionately connecting with audiences to give them insight, inspiration and content through dramatizing folklore.  I wholeheartedly appreciate you visiting my website; through your exploration, rest, relax, and connect the dots of the art of storytelling and dramatization. 


This historical genre dates back many centuries as early as 335 B.C. with Aristole and his Poetics and our African tribal ancestors as well. Storytelling is a way of life; a way to indulge others; a way to communicate. As a people, it is a privilege to be able to emote, share, dialogue, inspire and present dramatic structure to this way of life.


Through this spirit of connecting the dots through story, drama and history, explore the human condition at its best.  For conflict exists and we’re merely telling stories through dramatizing spoken word, folklore, vignettes and real life situations. 


I would be more than happy to share this gift with your organization, school, church, & friends. You can contact me here.


Enjoy !

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