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'Simply Langston!' (2009)


In this one-man play, Don Miller writes, directs and stars in a 4-part examination of the life of lauded poet Langston Hughes. 


"I am pleased to be able to just breathe a breath of fresh air about how his poetry inspired a society", Miller said.


A four-piece jazz ensemble, directed by Mr. Charles Burns, is also a major component to this show, as music was a strong inspiration for Hughes.


The play looks at four periods in Hughes' life and his writings during that time.


  • Harlem Renaissance - A cultural movement in the 1920s and '30s that marked the first time mainstream publishers and critics took African American literature seriously.

  • World War II & the Jim Crow Era - Hughes escaped the draft because of his age, but he used the war to write about the segregationalist Jim Crow laws.

  • Communism After the War - Hughes, who had spent a year in Russia in his youth, was among those to come under suspicion during the Joseph McCarthy Era. 

  • "Jesse B. Semple" - Hughes wrote a series of stories about a fictional Harlem everyman, who became known as "Simple," that ran in the Chicago Defender and other papers. The stories were collected into novels. 


Content Copyright of Don Miller. All Rights Reserved.

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